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Monday, March 19, 2018

Oh My Sunflowers!

Today, I am proud to show you my Sunflowers! 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
 Good morning, Sunshine!
Every morning before I leave the house I take a few minutes to appreciate the beautiful sunflowers at my garden. This huge one bloomed in a perfect circle during the CNY. All of us took turns to pose with this blooming beauty.

Can you imagine, it's as huge as my face! 

This was the second bloom. It wasn't as huge as the first one. But it's in a perfect circle too.

#Justforlaughs #Buatlawak

A girlfriend even gave me the idea and suggested I put a plate by its side to compare its size. Which I willingly did. Just for laughs. Kelakar, right?

Over the last few months, some of my FB friends were captivated by the sunflowers my mom planted and have wanted some seeds. Some friends are already awaiting for me to harvest the dried buds. So from one huge stalk it now expanded and grew up to with 5 buds. 

Couldn't be happier to see little Miss Sunshine blooms more beautiful babies. In fact, this started off as a mini pot given a our neighbour. And now look at how this baby grew!
Along my street, there were a few other neighbours who also grew their own sunflowers, all from the same source!
Wait till you take a walk along my street! At least 4 other houses have sunflowers in their garden. What a lovely sight!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hada Labo Beauty Talk Show by Liu Yen

The Centre Court of Mid Valley was full of hype and buzz with the arrival of Taiwan's renowned beauty guru Liu Yen who was sharing great beauty tips with the public and some of our local celebrities. Welcome to Malaysia once again, Liu Yen. Last year she also came to Malaysia with Xiao Kai Lao Shi but this year she handled the stage personally with so much poise and professionalism. Read about my previous blogpost here.

Joining Liu Yen on stage were some of our local celebrities.

 From left to right:
 Jeffrey Cheng, Carol Ong, and Emily Chan and Jojo Goh

The emcee Bernard Hiew wowed us with his interpretation and translation to cater for both English speaking audience and Mandarin speaking spectators. Good job! Especially for a banana like me who may not understand and absorb fully what beauty guru Liu Yen shares. Thank goodness for the translation.

Seated at the stage with a casual sharing session with our local celebrities asking questions, beauty guru Liu Yen shared her knowledge in using Hada Labo beauty products to take care of our skin's daily needs. Liu Yen also shared tips to help reduce the visible fine lines on one's face by wetting a cotton pad with Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion and gently pat on the face, with  fingers forming a V-shape and holding in between the fine lines. 

Also she advised to hydrate one's skin especially when travelling and on the go, and to keep a bottle of Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion by your side for some instant hydration. Skin will automatically feel refreshed!

The full range of Hada Labo's famous Hydrating Lotion for different skin types.
The new Blue Bottle second from left. Premium Range that focuses on whitening.
Hada Labo has introduced a few new range of products (Lotion Category) namely the Premium range and there is now a blue bottle with a more concentrated formula that focuses on whitening.

Next, I noticed they also have introduced a green packaging
that is catered for blemish and oil control. This formula is slightly watery.
There were also some new products like masks sighted at the roadshow with special deals and reduced prices. 

These masks below are exclusivity sold at Watsons. favourite Hydrating Lotion from Hada Labo. I love the premium range Gold Packaging) as it offers a thicker and more concentrated formula to quench my skin's thirst for more hydration.

Members of the media, bloggers and invited guests at the event last week.

At the end of the sharing session, there was a lucky draw for the public who made a purchase earlier.

Each celebrity took turns to draw the winning names.

A final group shot of the orang kuat Mentholatum and Watsons, together with Liu Yen and our local celebrities 
Thank you for the kind invitation. I am super glad to be a part of this.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Amazing Works of Forat Shot

OK! First I am gonna make your jaw drop and WOW you with some amazing works of Forat Shot. 

A picture tells a thousand words. Need I say more? Yes, I would love to introduce to you this young talented lad whom I befriended since 2015. 

Sultanahmet Istanbul

Below: The Tien Hou Kung Temple in Kuala Lumpur. Amazing night scene where Forat captured all its essence with beautiful lights lit up at night.

Forat is from Jordan and he has lived in Malaysia for more than 10 years! Yes! 10 years!!!! He first set foot in Malaysia when he was 19.
His work is just amazing and I am dedicating this blogpost to share with you some of his amazing works. He not only takes breathtaking photos of architecture around the world  but also of people in cosplay costumes. 

How I met Forat Shot.
Back in 2015, I met this talented young man named Forat Aladhame (ok I didn't know his full name then). He introduced himself as Forat Shot at Parkamaya where he was busy taking shots of those in Halloween costumes. I later invited him to join me the following week for CICAF where I had  My First Cosplay Experience (read all about it here)

Little did I know that Forat is a seasoned photographer and a permanent fixture at most  Cosplay events in Malaysia for more than 5 years. He started venturing into Cosplay Photography as early as 2012. 

A note from CP: Well you can see that he is pretty much "Malaysianized" or at least ter-influenced with part of our Malaysian Chinese Culture. He feels at ease among locals whom he calls his friends after making Malaysia his home for more than 10 years. 

Right now he is working at an IPTV International company as a motion graphic designer and is practicing photography in Dubai and Turkey.He runs between Dubai and Jordan where he works in the broadcast design industry.

Forat Aladhame

Here is his story.
My story with Cosplay photography It was year 2012 in Malaysia, and my classmate, invited me to a cosplay event called, Comic Fiesta. I was amazed not only with the vibrant colours, but the friendly demeanor of the cosplayers. I received a few coscards from them, and I began to pursue cosplay photography. With each cosplay event, it became more important in my life, and I started to join as their panel of media. Personally, I am in love with the vivacious colours and interesting subject matter in this genre. My favourite conventions are Animax , Comic fiesta , Animangaki and VBG anime fiesta . Through all honesty, to have good photograph, one must have a good subject matter. 

I am pretty fussy about the cosplayers I photograph as they need to be visually pleasing, with good make up, and of course, good costume. Though I say that, I do capture pictures of beginners as well to give them positive encouragement to pursue their hobby in the field of cosplay. My favourite thing about being a Cosplay photographer is the ability for me to present my ideas and my vision to the general public visually.

 My advice for the beginners is : theories and online tutorials are not 100% accurate for all situations. In reality, every single photo is taken in different conditions; therefore, the variables will change. To have better understanding and to improve on your photography skills, it is essential to practice a lot in con’s. It is also essential to have originality in your work.

I am pleased to share with you some of Forat's Cosplay Photography work

As you can judge by these before and after photos with his superb editing skills, he is a true master in photography and photo editing.

Can do one b4 and after for me ahhhhh Forat? This shot was taken by him at CICAF. I considered myself lucky and grateful for this shot. My outfit not as "geng" as the rest of the cosplayers......Yeah, I was just trying to blend in.

Here are some of his works for cosplay shoots. A tribute to cosplay photography, I present to you his works! He manages Forat Shot Photography and his photography and editing skills are just amazing.  Tell me in the comments section if you think so too!

Special effects were made to these photographs to showcase Forat's ideas and vision the to the general public visually.

As quoted by him "  I do capture pictures of beginners as well to give them positive encouragement to pursue their hobby in the field of cosplay"

I am so glad to hear that, Forat because seriously I was an amateur then and even now. But you gave me a chance to be one of your photographed subjects.

Me in a Halloween Costume where I first met Forat.

It's not always photopgaphs with edited backgrunds. Forat takes amazing pictures at Cosplay events too. Check it out here!

With the right costume and props, Forat can simply turn these photos into masterpieces!
I can't help but admire all his work of art! He is a true master of digital editing and cosplay photography.

Follow him on his instagram and facebook to view more of his amazing works.
You may contact him via